Use a VPN to save on airfares

We’re all aware of the fluctuations in airfares between booking platforms, countries and time variations. Here’s the ideal strategy for getting the cheapest flight possible using a VPN, and we’ll also guide you on which countries to choose to achieve this.

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When planning a trip, it’s common to compare the costs associated with your itinerary. You may notice an inexplicable increase in the cost of your air ticket as you do more research. This is due to the sophisticated algorithms used by airlines, which are designed to maximize profits based on customer interest in a given destination. Fares change each time you search.

The more searches you make for a specific destination, the more the fare is likely to increase, in response to the law of supply and demand. We’ll explain the mechanism by which airfares fluctuate, and above all how to avoid it altogether and learn how to become the traveler who pays the least for their trip. We’ll explore the use of a VPN and also discuss countries where flights are generally cheaper to buy.

Why ticket prices increase with each search

As soon as you make a search for a plane on a ticket booking site, it will understand your intention. If you make a first search, the algorithm will offer you an advantageous fare to remain competitive with the rest of the operators.

From the second search onwards, it will understand that you really intend to buy your ticket and that it’s no longer a consultation. Please note that it may take several days between the two searches, but this doesn’t change anything. Your IP address is recorded and every time you connect to the site, it knows it’s you.

The IP is the address assigned to the Internet connection you’re using, and it’s the same for the whole household, so if several of you share the same connection at home, you’ll be visible on the Internet as the same person. There are ways of differentiating between several users with the same IP, using the famous cookies.

So it’s with this same IP that the air ticket booking site will retrieve your ticket search history and find out whether you’re close to buying a ticket or not. Naturally, Internet users may think that prices change as the date of the flight approaches. If I buy a ticket one month before the flight, it will be more expensive than if I had bought it two months before.

Here’s how airfares are calculated to make you pay more than someone searching for a destination and booking a ticket directly.

How to avoid high ticket prices?

It’s possible to reduce your bill by using a VPN, which will have a different IP each time, thus covering the airlines’ tracks and systematically giving you the most attractive price.

Whether you do the same search once or several times, you’ll always get the lowest price. The algorithm will always detect a person making the initial search and will not be able to create a history of your searches.

To achieve this, you need to install a VPN on your phone or computer, which will change your IP address every time you connect.

Which VPN should I use to save on airfares?

We recommend NordVPN, renowned for its reliability and the efficiency of its servers.

Once you’ve downloaded NordVPN onto your mobile or computer, you’ll need to locate yourself in a particular country, such as France for a departure from Paris. It’s possible to use another country depending on your destination, and take advantage of exchange rates to pay less for your ticket in Euros.

In which country are airfares cheaper ?

The most frequently asked question concerns the identification of the country where fares are generally cheaper. We’ve used the example of a flight from Berlin to Paris, for which we’ve simulated a geolocation in Germany via VPN, as this option often offers cheaper prices because you’re departing from Berlin. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of experimenting with other geographical locations, such as Spain, Japan, the UK or Russia, to assess the possible price difference.

There is no rule defining a country that systematically offers the lowest airfares. The best approach is to carry out various tests until you find the lowest fare. This generally depends on the individual case, and is strongly influenced by the destination chosen. For example, for a trip to South America, try applying a geolocation to Mexico or Colombia. For Asia, Thailand could be a favorable option, while in Europe, Eastern countries such as Poland or Hungary often offer competitive rates.