Watch Champions League matches via VPN

The use of a VPN is widespread among soccer fans, mainly to watch the Champions League via foreign channels that broadcast it for free. Let’s take a look at where and how to use your VPN to make the most of the European championship.

The Champions League is broadcast in France via a paid subscription, unlike in some other countries where it is broadcast free of charge on foreign channels, some of which offer commentary in French, as in Belgium or Switzerland.

Using a VPN, you can access this content free of charge and follow live broadcasts of a wide range of sporting events, including F1, UFC and tennis, as well as various soccer leagues such as the Bundesliga and Serie A.

On which channels can I watch the Champions League for free?

There are several free channels accessible via VPN to watch Champions League matches free of charge, but the most reliable and in French is to use a Belgian channel that broadcasts matches with commentary in the language of Molière.

The geographical restriction means you’ll need a VPN, which is a lot cheaper than subscribing to a specialized channel in France. You’ll also be able to watch the matches on your phone or tablet, which is optional on some pay-TV channels, if not impossible.

How do I access matches on Club RTL in Belgium?

Here’s how to access Club RTL in Belgium for free using a VPN, whether you’re in France, on vacation in another country or on the move on your phone or tablet.

Download Cyberghost VPN trial version

You have a free 45-day trial period without having to add your payment card, ideal for testing the service before having to subscribe to an offer.

Select a location in Belgium

You’ll need to select a location in Belgium to access Club RTL. This allows you to locate yourself in Belgium without actually being there, and to watch Champions League matches live from outside Belgium.

You can go directly to the online video service at: to watch live matches without restriction and in French, all free of charge!

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