Best VPN on 2023

VPN software has become increasingly popular recently, as it is essential for cybersecurity and for bypassing censorship on the Internet. Our platform helps you select the best VPN for your needs with a detailed comparison of the most secure providers in 2023, and also sheds light on their various applications.

By modifying and concealing your IP address, bypassing geographic internet blocks and encrypting your web traffic even over public WiFi, a virtual private network (VPN) strengthens your internet security, preserves your privacy and increases your online freedom.

However, only a quality VPN can perform these functions quickly and efficiently. That’s why Guide VPN regularly tests the solutions on the market, which numbers over 100 VPNs available, but not all of them are created equal. Our experts will help you make your choice based on objective criteria, both technical and in terms of the use of information, and the anonymization of personal data from sessions carried out using VPN software.

Why use a VPN in 2023 ?

VPN software, or virtual private networks, ensure secure, anonymous browsing on the Internet, by establishing a secure gateway between your gadgets and the sites you visit regularly. These tools offer several advantages:

  • Modify IP addresses, enabling geolocation in any country.
  • Bypass censorship and blocking, providing access to restricted sites in certain countries.
  • Allow viewing of French and foreign TV channels from anywhere in the world, and streaming of services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and Youtube without geographical restrictions.
  • Ensure security when using P2P, torrent downloads and IPTV.
  • Encrypt data to secure online browsing and prevent data retention.
  • Protect against vulnerabilities in public Wifi networks, such as those in hotels and airports.
  • Enhance corporate network security when installed on a router.
  • Save money on online subscriptions.

A single setting is all that’s needed to enjoy all these features with the majority of premium VPNs.

Top VPN in September 2023

Best performance

  • The safest of all

  • Very fast connection

  • 30-day trial period


Best Value

  • Wide choice of countries +94 available

  • Ideal for accessing Netflix catalogs

  • 30-day trial period


Long trial period

  • Ideal for streaming (sports, vod)

  • Easy to use on all platforms

  • 45-day trial period without credit card


Using a private virtual network

Choosing your ideal VPN provider will depend on your specific needs. Do you want to unblock more Netflix catalogs? Protect your anonymity when downloading torrents? Or simply guarantee your security on a public WiFi network?

Here’s a list of the best VPNs for your specific needs. Many of them offer trial periods, ideal for testing whether they meet your expectations.


The best VPNs for streaming allow you to bypass the geographical restrictions imposed on platforms such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many others. These high-end VPN applications modify your IP address, offering fast, unhindered access to video content inaccessible from your country or region.


Premium gaming VPNs bypass NAT firewalls and geographic restrictions on online video games and game stores. They also offer protection against ISP throttling and DoS attacks on your IP address.

By changing the location of your IP address, these top VPNs also enable you to find gaming lobbies more easily and avoid skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) on games like Call of Duty: Warzone and PUBG.

Torrent download

Torrenting without a VPN or proxy exposes your IP address to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), media companies and copyrights, who can easily identify your identity and fine you.

Only free and premium torrenting VPNs can prevent this by masking your IP address and fully anonymizing your peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing activities.

Free or paid VPN ?

It’s fair to question the need to pay for VPN services when free options exist. These free offers are often incomplete, of mediocre quality and insecure for your personal data. Although the only apparent advantage of a free VPN is its lack of cost, it’s not advisable to use it for effective protection or to unblock certain services such as TV channels, Netflix or other applications. Companies offering free VPNs tend to exploit your information for commercial purposes to finance their operations, which is contrary to the purpose of a VPN. For this reason, it’s best to avoid this type of service. On the contrary, paid VPNs, which we recommend, undertake not to retain your data thanks to a “No Logs” policy.

Free VPNs often impose bandwidth restrictions to encourage the purchase of their paid version, which is generally more expensive than the other VPNs we recommend. This limitation can quickly become restrictive, especially for daily use or streaming.

Your data will not be as secure with a free VPN as it would be with a paid VPN. The approach to encryption is different, throughput is slow and can affect your browsing, and these services are generally feature-poor. Their technical support is also not up to the standard offered by paid VPN providers.